Life Gel 16 oz

LIFE Cloning Gel Natural Cannabis Root Hormones Plant Nutrition


Rx Green Technologies’ LIFE Cloning Gel contains a blend of rooting hormones and all natural ingredients. Formulated to produce roots in any substrate, this gel will work with rooting cubes or aeroponic machines.

> Contains indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), a naturally occurring plant growth hormone that stimulates early root development.
> Includes vitamin B1 which helps to increase the plant’s stress resistance.
> Keeps plants healthy and disease-free with natural antimicrobial ingredients.

Propagation Cubes
• Dip cutting into LIFE Cloning Gel to desired depth.
• Insert cuttings into rooting medium.
• For best results, soak cubes in LIFE Cloning Solution until saturated.

Aeroponic Application
• Dip cutting into LIFE Cloning Gel to desired depth.
• Insert cuttings into cloning collar.
• For best results, use LIFE Cloning Solution in your aeroponic system.
0.5 oz
4 oz
8 oz
16 oz


Cloning, or asexual propagation, is the
process by which a cutting is taken from
a stock plant and placed in a substrate to
encourage root production. The hormones
within the plant are responsible for the
rooting process, which can be expedited
with a few simple additives.
The Rx Green Technologies’ LIFE Cloning
products were designed to reduce rooting
time and improve quality with a simple,
easy-to-use formula. The LIFE Cloning
Solution contains a light blend of nutrients
that are essential for promoting root
development and reducing plant stress.
The LIFE Cloning Gel contains a small
amount of a naturally occurring hormones
that stimulates rooting, along with vitamins
and amino acids. The LIFE Cloning Mist
was designed specifically to assist plants in
stress recovery and to reduce rooting time



Our primary goal is to help medium to large-scale
cannabis cultivators develop quality, high-yielding
crops, we have invested significant
capital in research and testing to ensure that
our program outperforms.
From side-by-side trials to testing different
pH practices, we have examined every
aspect and input of the growing cycle
in order to best adapt to our customers’
environments and needs.


Our products were specifically formulated for
use on cannabis plants, with the understanding
that cannabis cultivation would move to largescale
production. Our concentrated solutions
are designed to scale seamlessly in commercial
cultivation operations without compromising
We utilize a biomineral approach that
combines the beneficial qualities of organic
compounds without compromising plant
yields. We only use the highest quality
ingredients to ensure the end product is clean
and safe to smoke or ingest. Heavy metals are
non-detectable down to the parts per billion in
our formulas.
Rx Green Technologies has been family owned
and operated since our founding in 2011.



By using our natural-based program, growers
can take advantage of truly innovative
technology while also enjoying more efficient
growing practices. Our mixing processes make
it possible to combine ingredients that are not
commonly put together in a single format,
resulting in formulas that are genuinely unique.
Our ability to chemically combine certain
ingredients has allowed us to create a
straightforward regimen that makes feeding
almost foolproof – following our program will
result in an impressive crop. Our growing
program provides nutrition to the plants that
utilizes key biological pathways in the plant;
these pathways are the building blocks for
cannabinoid and terpene production.
Meanwhile, a low-salt formula with organic and
fulvic acids drives plant formation of natural
components while maximizing yields and helps
to reduce production of phytotoxins.
In addition to organic components, the
two-part nutrient program is formulated
to facilitate nutrient uptake, making it a
simple, yet complete package of macro
and micronutrients that give the plant the
nourishment it needs for all growth stages
of cannabis, including root development,
vegetative biomass, flower formation, and
resin production.


All of the ingredients in Rx Green
Technologies’ products are the result of
patented agricultural technology that is proven
to be safe and effective for use in food crops.
Our formulations are made with the highest
quality ingredients, ensuring that heavy metal
levels in the end product are extremely low.
In addition, our products were developed to
ensure nutrient stability while mixing.
In sum, we provide safe and effective
biological technology to help your plants
naturally reach their maximum potential.



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